Numero 724, tänäkin vuonna blogipostaus siis :)

WordPress päivitetty ja seuraavaksi mietitään paitsi vuoden 2015 postausta, myös jonkinlaisen valokuvaportfolion kasaamista näihin nurkkiin.

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  1. Betty says:

    I don’t think money makes people happier. I do believe it can and does relieve alot of stress related issues. Once the stress is relieved however, where does that leave a person? With their inner self and all that entails. People can choose to be content or noes..unlt.s of course, they are dealing with severe depression etc. So I guess this is my way of saying money can’t buy happiness but it sure can relieve some stress! : )

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  7. united airlines coupons says:

    ha ha i love the picture of Morran performing! My husband is the hardest too! he is very very specific in his taste and very bad at coming up with wishes!! always gives me the hardest time at christmas and birthdays! i won't write what he is getting since he might read it here!

  8. car jokes says:

    Yo de nuevo. El video me recuerda a la pelicula La Aldea. Los efectos no son impresionantes, y no ve del todo a quien canta.La canción está buena, aunque los teclados al final…Pero en total está buena.Una duda, ¿como llegaste a conocer a No lo soporto? En mi caso fue por la Rock & Pop, cuando pasaron Insignificante.

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